Retreats for the bereaved

Our non-religious retreats are run by appropriately qualified Trustees and staff to provide face to face support. The retreats start on a Friday evening and continue until Sunday afternoon and will accommodate up to 20 people. We run retreats 3 times a year at no expense to the member.

We have found that the retreats are essential for those members who are most affected and who need intensive face to face support. This may be the first time that they have had the opportunity to talk to someone (face to face) who has experienced the same ordeal. They are a place where members can come to relax, find some peace and maybe even some laughter!

The effects of murder or manslaughter are life changing for many bereaved people. Discussion groups and workshops are held on retreats where gentle support, comfort and understanding is given along with some coping strategies. This is to enable people to rebuild and adjust to a completely different lifestyle with a view to returning to a reasonable quality of life.

At the retreat, the following take place :

  • Complimentary therapies such as neck and head massages, reflexology, etc.
  • Art workshops such as plate painting, painting with water colours etc
  • Stress and relaxation exercises
  • A non-religious remembrance service for our loved ones with a balloon release
  • Evening of fun with assorted events such as making shapes with balloons, quizzes etc
To put your name down to attend a retreat kindly call the office on 0121 472 2912

Please contact the SAMM office on
0121 472 2912 or use the 'Contact Us' form.