Support for the bereaved

After this type of bereavement you can feel lonely, frightened and isolated and truly feeling as if no one understands your pain and grief but everyone within SAMM knows how that trauma and pain can affect you. All our specially trained volunteers have been bereaved in this way. Talking confidentially to someone who does understand can be so helpful and make you realise that you are not alone with your pain and distress.

This type of bereavement is unique, many people feel isolated and fearful with some experiencing ‘flashbacks’ and feeling as if no one can understand how they feel.

Support for the professional

SAMM provides training for people who come into contact with those bereaved through homicide. We currently offer this training to Police Officers, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Barristers, Probation Officers, Schools and many other organisations.

Included in this training is:

  • Challenging judgemental attitudes.
  • Stress and how it affects the bereaved.
  • Stages of grief and normal/abnormal reactions to grief.
  • The effects of bereavement by Homicide.
  • Trauma and its effects on those bereaved through homicide.
  • What bereaved families want/need from the professionals.