Training for the volunteer

All SAMM volunteers have themselves been bereaved through murder or manslaughter. Our specialist training involves looking at the effects of traumatic bereavement and although our volunteers know at first hand these effects, in our training we bring together in an easily understood format all the many complicated strands of this type of bereavement.

This enables our volunteers to understand how people cope in different ways with the trauma in their lives and enables them to support others in a unique way by both having the personal experience but also the knowledge to back that experience up.

Training for the professional

SAMM provides training for people who come into contact with those bereaved through homicide. We currently offer this training to Police Officers, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Barristers, Probation Officers, Schools and many other organisations.

Challenging Judgmental attitudes

We facilitate looking at our own attitudes and judgements towards others. We all make judgments about people we see and come into contact with and many of us have preconceived ideas about why people get murdered.