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Lee Raymond Smithies Tribute

Lee Raymond Smithies

Born 17th May 1966 - 6th July 2002

The tears in our eyes can be wiped away
The PAIN in our hearts will always stay,
Our lives will never be the same
Luv and miss you so much.

Mum, Roy, Karen, Jake and Jasper

Daniel Rene Dukes Tribute

Daniel Rene Duke

Born 2nd March 1969 - 29th November 1991

To so many you were a loyal friend
This we discovered when your days end
We see you still as the toddler whom
We lost prematurely aged twenty two
Your laughter and one liners
Are constant reminders
Of your footprint left behind
A tribute to remind
Those whom cannot find
A memory unkind
We miss you every day Daniel Rene.

Love Mum. Vince, Michael. family and friends

Avril Dixons Tribute

Avril Dixon

Born 2nd March 1969 - 29th November 1991

Avril child of spring
She touched the hearts of many
with her laughter and her love,

Mum and Dad

Robert Hollands Tribute

Robert Holland

Born 4th February 1975 - 28th October 2011

Remembering you is easy,
I do it every day,
It’s just the pain of losing you,
That never goes away,
I think of you in silence,
I often call your name,
What would I give,
To hear your voice again?
Love you always and forever,


Ryan Pickups Tribute

Ryan Pickup

Born 21st August 1994 - 11th November 2002

There were no goodbyes,
For us beloved boy,
Wherever you are our,
Hearts are always with you,

Heartbroken Dad, Nana, Granddad Pickup, Chloe and Hollie

Paul Fyfes Tribute

Paul Fyfe

My darling husband and wonderful dad to Tara,
Emma and Jess, fantastic Granddad and loving son
and brother, taken from us. Not a day goes by
without us thinking of you
and missing you so much.

Your wife, Tracey and family.

Jayne Welchs Tribute

Jayne Welch

Born 2nd May 1974 - 5th June 1995

For a beautiful girl, inside and out,
so loved and missed by everyone who knew her.
So special and kind,
put your arms around her Lord and give her all our love.
We miss you every day – till we meet again.

Mum, Dad, Tina, Chris and all the family. Kiarna, sharnia-Jhamier

Frances Nethercotts Tribute

Frances Nethercott

Born 9th March 1982 - 10th January 2001

Gentle, caring, loving and kind.

Anthony Williams Tribute

Anthony (Tony) Williams

Born 15th April 1952 - 4th March 2009

In loving memory of my dear husband Tony
whose life was so cruelly taken.
We were inseparable and life is very lonely without you.

Love Val

Alan Biraghis Tribute

Alan Biraghi

Born 23rd January 1980 - 24th December 2011

Always in my thoughts


Gary John Billinghams Tribute

Gary John Billingham

Born 10th April 1957 - 15th April 1999

Never out of my mind and never will be.
Miss you more than ever my lovely son.

Love forever, Ma

Thomas Joseph Burkes Tribute

Thomas Joseph Burke

Born 8th November 1975 - 2nd February 1997

I love you son and miss you so so much.
No one knows the pain when I go to
see you and have to leave you.
I love you so much and miss your smiling face.

Mum (Ann Burke)

Gary Caesars Tribute

Gary Caesar

Born 14th January 1949 - 20th June 2005

In celebration of your irreverence,
your larger than life character –
we will never forget you,
the good times and the not so good!


Joseph Cariellos Tribute

Joseph Cariello

Born 15th March 1968 - 20th February 2002

Sometimes the pain is too much to bear –
I miss you so much,
our hearts will be interlocked forever.
Till we meet again

Jeanette Cariello

James Seabrooks Tribute

James Seabrook (Mario)

Born 29th May 1971 - 22nd April 2007

My darling Mario, I miss you still every day.
Your sisters, brothers and their families
remember you always as do your colleagues
and your friends.
You will never be forgotten.


Tracey Ann Hawkins Tribute

Tracey Ann Hawkins

Born 13th March 1963 - 29th October 2003

Miss you,
your sisters and brother and I miss Dad
but know that he is at rest with you.
We all love and miss you


Katy Jane Maloneys Tribute

Katy Jane Maloney

Born 24th July 1978 - 25th January 1998

Always thinking of you -

Love Mum and Dad

Sandra Lomax James' Tribute

Sandra Lomax James

Born 21st August 1955 - 13th January 1994

My beloved daughter,
memories of you is my dearest treasure.
In my heart you will live forever


Ruth Jones' Tribute

Ruth Jones

Born 7th September 1966 - 4th October 1982

You are never out of our thoughts and minds

Love Mum and Dad

Megan Claire Maes Tribute

Megan Claire Mae

Born 26th June 1990 - 4th March 1992

Missing our lovely granddaughter always

P Brown

Susan Ann Moncktons Tribute

Susan Ann Monckton

Born 2nd August 1963 - 1st January 2000

We think of you everyday

Dad, Brother Colin and son Arron

Craig Severns Tribute

Craig Severn

Born 14th June 1970 - 3rd March 2003

Whatever souls are made of yours and mine are the same.
Missed everyday

AL Severn

Audrey Briggs' Tribute

Audrey Briggs

Born 24th January 1932 - 8th April 1987

Always remembered after being violently taken, Always loved,

Susan, Carol, Simon, Chris and Catherine.

Helen Ann Stokes' Tribute

Helen Ann Stokes

Born 16th June 1976 - 21st August 2006

We all miss you very much.
In our hearts, always.
It seems as though it was only yesterday that you left us.

Love as always, Mum and family

Tony Ridleys Tribute

Tony Ridley

Born 4th July 1983 - 1st February 2009

Every day is a silent heartbreak, miss you so much son

D Stevenson

Rachel Thackers Tribute

Rachel Thacker

Born 27th May 1975 - 11th August 1996

It is very hard to live my life without you Rachel.

Gillian Thacker

Alan James Hoopers Tribute

Alan James Hooper

Born 11th February 1967 - 14 February 1992

All my life I will miss you,
As the year's come and go
My broken heart still cries for
My beautiful son, I love you so.

Precious Birthday memories Alan

Mam, Dad and you loving and devoted Family

Ryan Masons Tribute

Ryan Masons

Born 21st August 1994 - 11 February 2002

Our beloved Son, Grandson and Brother
There were no goodbyes for us, beloved boy,
Wherever you are our
hearts are always with You.

Heartbroken Dad, Nanna & Grandad Pickup, Chloe & Hollie

Ismaaeel Tribute

Ismaaeel Rehman

To my lovely gentle giant 6'2" and always
smiling with a mischievous twinkle in your
eyes, I don't even have to shut my eyes to see
you. I just think about you my son and your
are there straight away.

I’m sorry I’m not with
you but the time we all
think and long for it is
actually a very short
time away. Wait for
me and entertain all
whom are with you as I
know you will until
time we will be
reunited my beautiful
darling son.

Love your Mom, Dad, Brothers and sister.

Gary Toms Tribute

Gary Toms

1972 - 2009

This is for my big brother Gary.. You were my
friend and my protector, you were handsome,
all the girls loved you. I miss you every day
and hope you can see me where you are.

I remember you telling me to twirl your
dartboard round to show how clever you
were.. Mmm you missed it and it stuck in my
leg so you carried me to the bathroom before
Mum could find out .. Too late.. She was in

Still I was only 5 and
you were only 10...

Love you always, Sharon

Music is used with kind permission of Charlie Landsborough who wrote and sung "If I Only Had Wings"